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We live in a small village called Kaukalampi nearby Mäntsälä. We have 6 Irish Wolfhounds and couple of another animals.

My name is Paula and I got hooked up with the breed when I was young girl. First Irish Wolfhound came to us 1984. She was called “Dina” (born 10.9.1984 Tullymurrayn Callantry – Ansaunelma ) and the breeders were Annikki and Tapani Jalonen. When she died, I thought that someday I would have my own Irish Wolfhound.

I have had dogs and some other animals all my life. After Dina I has two dogs of mixed breed, Petteri and Leni. Leni  game to me at the year 1996. She was very scared of anything and I did very hard work with it, but work was very successful. Leni lived very long life and died almost 12 years old last November at the year 2007. She was very special dog to me and I miss her very much.

Finally, at the year 2004, I got my own Irish Wolfhound, Fernmark Jaspis called as Jade (born 21.11.2003 Frag´arach von den Erzminen- Fernmark Gliese). As a puppy, she was very alive and one of the specialities was that she tried to go trough to wall into the neighbours side. Also the sofa and cellular phones were very tasteful things. In the year 2005 I went to Estonia Winner. Jade was BOB Junior and got the title ESTJW-05. She also has three FIN CC, which were given to her before she was two years old. At the year 2007 we went to Lithuania International dog show and Jade got res-CACIB and class winner certificate. Jade was suffering cancer, which was diagnosed on a summer of the year 2008. I had to let her go at the new year´s evening 2008.

Like all the people, who have Irish Wolfhounds, know, these like to increase. At the year 2005, I got another female, Fernmark Kleio (Born 12.8.2005 Pitchclory´s King Kevin – Fernmark Gliese) , called as Enkeli (Angel in English). She got her nickname because she had Angel looking chest mark. We have gone with her several shows and with quite good success even in foreign countries. Enkeli have two litters , our kennel´s A and B litters. More information you can find on our Litter page.

Brokenwheel Kolumella, born 2.5.2007 (Brokenwheel Daugus – Brokenwheel Galera) called as Mella, game to us in July 2007. She damaged her leg and that’s why she isn’t shown or she has had any races.

9.2.2008 was born our first litter A-. Mother was Enkeli and father was Oiva (Bres Mac Elatha Really Irish), 10 males and 3 females. We decided to leave at home one girl , Aingael called as “Typy” and one boy , Ab Oivanpoika Oy called as “Nalle”.

At the September of the year 2009 came one blond in the house. She was called as “Harmi-Armi” (born 13.7.2009 Brokenwheel Daugus – Brokenwheel Gagea). This little monster have had so many things to write about that one book is not enough.

2.12.2009 was born our second litter, B- puppies one male and two females. Mother was also Enkeli and the father was Iiro (Beatiful Beings Iron Man)

At the August 2010 we went to Germany with Mr. Roms, from Kennel Brokenwheel and we came back with a little boy called Chester (Brave King Allen – Yuliana von den Oelmuhle). Chester in living with us although we own him together with Kimmo Roms.

Our “kennelboy” is Juha, who got hooked up with the breed when he met Paula.

Our Kennel name is Irish word that means inseparable. That is why we hope, that all the people, who have our dogs, were inseparable with their dogs.